Visit to Dancyville Homecoming 2005

The Dancyville Methodist Episcopal Church, South was built in 1850 and is still being used as the place of worship for the Dancyville United Methodist congregation. It is the oldest Methodist Church in Western Tennessee:

Just three years after this building was erected, a group of members and some of their neighbors moved to North East Texas. They named their new church: The Murray League Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Of course, at that time the Church where they had been members in Tennessee was the Dancyville Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The leaders of the "colonists" in East Texas included the Reverend Joshua J. Clark and Mr. William Lindsey Coppedge. Among the Murray League settlers were two sisters and a brother of W. L. Coppedge: Charles Clark Coppedge, Elizabeth Jane Coppedge (Pettitt) and Martha Rebecca Coppedge (Armstrong).

, In 2003, 150 years after the Coppedges came to East Texas, four of their descendants attended the Dancyville homecoming: (L to R) David Williamson, great grandson of Martha Rebecca Coppedge Armstrong; Conrad Coppedge and Frank Breazeale, great grandsons of Charles Clark Coppedge; Robert Newsom, great great grandson of W. L. Coppedge

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